Who are these trips geared towards?

Photographers of all genres and skill levels are welcome on the trip. We will be doing a lot of landscape and portrait photography and anyone who wants to expand their portfolio in one or both genres will have a great opportunity to do so.

What’s included?

The price includes:

  • Pickup in Las Vegas, and transportation throughout the trip, ending with dropoff in Salt Lake City
  • 4 Nights of hotel stay close to each park.
  • Park entrance fees and photography permits.
  • 3-4 “Engagement Shoots” with models/volunteers.
  • 2 group lunches and 1 group dinner.

Can you tell me more about the portrait sessions?

There will be 3-4 portrait sessions throughout the trip. Usually around sunset to get the best possible light. Sessions will be structured like an engagement shoot and feature either paid models or volunteer couples. Photographers are not obligated to share images with models but may make arrangements to do so if they wish. Efforts will be made to have the sessions in a moderately accessible location with minimal hiking required unless otherwise agreed upon.

Do I have to hike?

We want everyone to have the best experience for them.  For some that means strenuous hikes, and others, not so much.  Our time in the parks will vary from organized shoots to unstructured exploration.  We encourage everyone to join us during the day, but if you’d prefer to split off into a smaller group and do your own thing, that’s fine too.

More questions?

Just head over to the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible